Charge plug for FREE!

Last year I got hit off my raleigh conversion (loved that back) and the fella who hit me put it all on his insurance. The result was…

goes out to ride in front of cars

you got it! Today was a bit wet, and went up the bum of taxi on Rundle Rd in the bike lane. Bloody long skid!

for something that cost $0…bloody awesome!

fairly sure i saw this on wednesday along swanston st, and boy did it catch my eye.

How are you finding the bars? They were one of the first things to come off mine, very uncomfortable.


Yeah I went from risers to the drops, and now i think i am going to go flat. The track bars you have to ride with you hand reversed. (the back of your wrist nearly facing forward) A little uncomfortable.


Sorry I am in Adelaide, but I am in melbs to catch up with my bro in early august, keen to go for a ride. (If there is anything on?)

haha, well then…saw the twin again today.