Charge Shaker Hubs...

Hiya… Just wondering if anyone has used these hubs and if there is anywhere in Adelaide that stocks them. I have found one place in WA where I could get them, but I would like to have a look at them and talk to a mechanic about them.

Are they any good?
Do you know where I can get one?


Trak Cycles sell complete Charge fixed’s… maybe check them out?

Ideal Cycles and Bespoke Cycles both deal with Charge products, I’d ask them.

On The Parade?

Where are these guys? I haven’t heard of either of these shops.

Thanks for the leads tho. Will check them out. I think these hubs make a load of sense. So simple a design for so many benefits.


ideal and cycles bespoke are in perth

i think the question was where in adelaide can he get them
not perth

That is true… I was after somewhere in Adelaide that stocks them. I will have a look at Trak tomorrow.

So the other two shops are in Perth then? Yeah… bit far to ride to check those out! :-p

I dropped in to Trak today (having not been in there before) and they sure do have a lot of bikes in there. They told me that their main clientel is after full bikes and not parts (don’t any of them fix their own bikes?) but they could possibly get some in if their supplier in Melbourne has them.

That is close enough for me right now, but I will return and I want that hub! haha