cheap 08 SE Lager @ pedals plus

Thinking of getting one of these for the girlfriend.

$480 from pedals plus with shipping australia wide for 10 clams.

So I got one of these for the little lady and it arrived this afternoon. Not a bad bike for the price at all. The usual cheap tyres, pedals and saddle, but the rest of the bike seemed to hold up well tonight when I took it for a ride. Anyone looking for a cheap off the shelf bike that comes single speed with brakes and a flip flop hub, to throw a fixed cog and lock ring on the other side, then this seems like a good entry level bike, if you can’t be arsed building one up. Oh yeah, it’s pretty light and there’s no toe overlap if that’s important to you too.

That’s a bargain - maybe everyone else that has seen mash could buy one of these.

I don’t worry about overlap - I usually ride in thongs.

My friend has one, it pretty good. if you point the bars down a little.

I’m pretty sure he’s replacing the wheelset with pink deeeeeeeeep v’s though.

it’ll be a cupcake bike.