Cheap 531 BIN (QLD)

For the shorter Brisbane folks:

Royal Star road Bike, Reynolds Frame 531 | eBay

I bought this before I saw your post. Wheels are perfect to finish off my Hendren roadie and frame should be around the right size for a friend who has been asking me to build him a bike for ages. Also pretty sure thats on OG Turbo I can spy!

good buyin there.

Q: What size is the frame, center of cranks to top me seat post.
A: Hi Its a 700 x 23 Michael

it’s a t-rex bike!

Haha I would have grabbed it but I’m not in QLD. Great buy though!

Picked this up tonight. Its equipped with Suntour GPX which is in fairly ropey condition. Its also been repainted as the reynolds decal is 531 renovated. Has a serial number starting GBXXXX on the bottom of the down tube, any ideas?

All the bits I wanted it for in decent condition so all good there.