Cheap Alex Rims w/ Formula Hubs.

Click here.

Yeah, I know they’re not mind-blowing in terms of quality, etc. But $180 (including shipping to Australia), ain’t bad. I reckon I might order a set tomorrow.

I’ve got a set of these that came with a cog & lockring (from lygon cycles) and have had issues the past couple of days with the cog slipping (i just learnt skid stops a few days prior - connection???) but other than that i’ve been pretty happy with them.

I’ve got Formula hubs laced to Mavic’s and they’ve been fine.

ive got formulas with velocity rims and never had trouble. tighten those lockrings kids!!

also: $180 shipped is pretty much what you would pay for a set of formula hubs. hence, quite a good deal.

Agreed, regardless of peoples opinions on the Formula hubs (I am a fan of them), $180.00 is a bargain. For that price you can pretty much thrash them around without any worries at all.

Oh, it’s actually $215AUD, according to, but still…!

Formula hubs are fine. Cheap cogs and lockrings will destroy any hub.

Buy a good cog and lock ring. The threads are a lot more precise and won’t give you a drama. And if you don’t have the right tools get the shop to do it for you!