cheap and sturdy ride

its a shit box, but gets me from A to B with no problems.

Eighth inch scrambler 57cm Frameset

Velocity Hubs laced to Velocity Deep V, Surly 17T, Randonneur tire

Weinmann Front wheel, Zaffiro Pro tire

Eight inch crankset 46T

KMC Kool chain

Wellgo pedals, MKS straps and plastic clips

RH+O saddle

Dude doesn’t look too heinous to me!

for some reason the Smurfs Tune just started playing in my head :slight_smile:

looking good

haha the rims and stem are painted with Smurf colour ironlaks :-D, the colour came out alot lighter in the photo with the flash on :x

Total cost?

everything came out to be about 650$

wheelset came second hand, so i decided to repaint them myself.

Looks sweeeeeet dude

what process did you use to paint the wheels? powder coat? if so did you have to strip them down, or spray can?

yep, stripped with paint stripper then primer>colour>clear coat

gangster but it looks like a green seat post whats the go???

It’s a green knog frog light