Cheap asian

So I jumped the gun 2 months back and bought a cheap track bike on ebay from china.
fairly slow getting the wheels and other bits and pieces, finally putting it together today.

I’ll get some decent photos up soon… i’m not even sure if facebook allows me to post these.

Is it fair game to transfer spoke cards?

you can do whatever you want :slight_smile:

Is that a visp frame? And what problems are you having with it?

Yeah its a VISP frame, and from what I can tell the same as the more expensive LEADER frame.

I haven’t given it a long ride yet, so I’m not sure about any problems.

There is a bit of toe overlap with the double plastic toeclips, but plan on putting the smaller metal ones back on to test.

I’ll give a proper update in a few months, but at the moment I’m liking the sexy looks and comparatively light weight verse my old steel frame.
Which looks like this (during early stages of its life)

toe over lap is part of riding a real track frame…
you get used to it
and the more ‘real’ your track frame is the worse it gets… :smiley:

So all in all it’s a pretty good frame? Sorry bout the questions I’m just intrested in buying one and there hasn’t been any reviews or testimonials.

yes yes, i realise.
Although minimising it as much as possible is beneficial :smiley:

Cost for the bike was under $600

Which is about the same as the older steel bike, with most of those parts being bought from local stores.

I can’t give you a proper review 40falcons, but from the little test ride it feels clean and looks good.
Definitely some money to be saved by sourcing parts from o/s ebay and fixing it together yourself. So why not?

dude they are 200 bucks delivered…
Get it ride it… Enjoy it!
Ps bike looks cool.

Yeh boi! :mrgreen:

Once we get that sugino crankset on it’ll be complete ay ?

You havnt been on here long / looked very hard have you? There are numerous threads about peoples visp’s.

General consensus is that for the money they are great!

To w and prolly ll

It’s better to be safer then sorry. I’m not going to spend $200 on a frame that isn’t functional.

i likeyyy

this gives me faith for my visp just sitting there waiting for me to be healthy to build it.

looks slick, was contemplating buying one of these frames, please let us all know how it goes after a month or so…

excuse the stoopid noobness, is it hard setting up a front brake on one of these cheapo track frames?

No problem - most of these frames are drilled.

Under $600 - nice work.

sweet, wasn’t sure. Seems a good buy for price

looks pretty good mate

was checking out those visp frames myself before i got my current frame… good to see that there are positive reviews of them… maybe for the next bike build

what are the joints and welds like on those frames, wouldnt no whether to trust them or not…seeing their pretty cheap