Cheap Ass Beater Wheels

Singlespeed wheelsets on ebay (perfect for your pub bike) for $19 dollars a set.

I’m grabbing a couple of sets for friends’ bikes tomorrow so I’ll let you know the quality. Not that I expect much…

They also have an Alex Rim equivalent for a bit extra, dude in Sydney said he could do me a good deal on thos eif i bought a few sets.


Even if they are quando, $20 bucks to get a shitty beater rolling ain’t too bad.

getting a postage quote to wa. good for the gf’s bike.

woops didnt read… 47 bucks to perth…fuck that lol postage is dearer than the wheelset.

fvck yeh polo wheelset

I’m Gunna pick up quite a few sets tomorrow…

Seems like they are from Reid Cycles, I can say its cheap/crap but what the hell, $20 wheelset, even my 19T surly cog cost more than that

+1 just bought for the beater/loaner bike

Just picked up from enmore, Sydney.

Was at the Reid cycles outlet.

Included tyres and tubes. Wtf?

Bearings are horrendous but a quick repack and theyll be workable.

Will grab a few more sets for non serious cycling friends’ conversions.


I took back the $19 dollar wheels upon hearing about these:

Alex DA16 rims to sealed hubs (look like forumlas?) for $45 a pair

Said I could get even lower if I bought 2-3 sets.

I’m going to try and get 3 sets for 90 bucks tomorrow.

Includes rim tape, shitty cog and lockring and a decent looking freewheel.

Much nicer looking and spin very nicely. Recommended for your budget beater build.