Cheap Aussie made 29ner thylacine

Thylacine Cycles Arete SL 29er CUSTOM STEEL | eBay

No replaceable hanger?

Got Tig?

Got mig…

Probably the wrong place to ask this question… but hey… does anyone know if there is a distributor for Independent Fabrications in Oz? I have a hankering for a 29er and this one wont quite do.

Got sig vv

I looked this up the other day…

Cycling Edge
248 Coventry Street
South Melbourne 3205, Victoria [Google Map]
Ph. +61 400 138 000 , Fax.
Peter Kyriakidis (
Cycling Edge | The pursuit of excellence is the cycling edge.

Great, thank you!



You were expecting Surly pricing? For a custom made in the US frame?

No, but I wasn’t expecting 2 grand frame only.

You clearly haven’t priced a custom frame recently. That’s cheaper than Llewellyn.

Give Tarn @Primate a call, he’s in NSW and will be cheaper.

Indi fabs are only 2k??
Balki is a naive, optimistic, well-meaning person. You’ve got a wikipedia page!! :wink:

No, I haven’t… and now I know why.

Heh! Fair dos…

The Deluxe Steel niner is $1895 frame only, with the parragon sliding dropouts. Its a beast.

Thats not it, but the way… thats the older one.

If you’re not cashed up like lil-Suga-Kanye-dogg, this is no place for you, young shepard.

Nah… if you can afford a IF, then do it… but there are OTS SS 29ers out there cheaper.

Thylacine are very well regarded too.

I cant justify that kind of money on a bike that wont realistically be ridden very often. Its looking like a Karate Monkey at the moment… The On-one Inbred and Soma Juice are some of the few with horizontal dropouts which I want. Looking for the SS & hub gear options

Thylacine/Jabberwocky have vert dropouts.

If shipping weren’t an issue I’d get a CROSS/TOUR/COMMUTER frame built by True Fab (True Fabrication Bicycles), they did my SS w/ Paragon sliders… The bike is amazing.

I have an avanti kiss. Feels good. Eccentric bb too.