Cheap BT track

Yes it’s the older Cyclone model and yes Stealths can sometimes be had at a similar price. I still think it’s a bargain.

Good bike with good bits. Also comes with different forks for racing pursuits and BT aero bars!

BT track bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Queensland - Hervey Bay Region

I dealt with the seller before and is recommended… way off the beaten track tho

53? seems a touch bigger?

Nah, look at that tiny head tube! Also the space between the ST, TT and DT is really small. Definitely a 53.

Wish I could find a way to justify this/find enough things to sell.

Good price IMO.

I set myself a goal of getting to B grade by the end of last year, said I’d buy something nice if I did. I managed to get to A grade so I went all out and bought a Stealth. Set a goal or use it as an excuse to race more or to start racing or to win more! Or just buy it, it’s nice to have nice things.

I should rephrase… Justify this to the minister of finance lol

only justification needed