Cheap BT

This is a bargain, yeah?

definately. i’m tempted, and BT is my initials, but i would look like a fuckwit riding this in e grade!

would totez look sikkk to ride on the street with a broomhandle for bars.

“just lowered buy it now price a little. don’t miss this beautiful track frame. if you are interested in bike complete, i can sell with rest of parts for $300 extra. thanks, Dustin”

shit yeah, ready to handle any punishment handed out on the street or velodrome

this ones and closer… still cheapish

there is nothing wrong with having a nice bike. I am definitely unworthy of a couple of mine.


I say get it if you have the cash, its a bargin.


Naaah, just dust some talc in your hair and pretend you’re from Vets :evil:

I saw a BT Stealth being ridden by someone in Genovese kit today…

57inch top tube

really? at disc?

For real:


PM me if you want higher res shots for work. (I work for coffee! :lol: )

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a BT these days.

I remember a couple of years ago at DISC there was a guy who had just started in E grade on the club bikes. The next week he rocks up on a brand new BT. :mrgreen:
Whatever makes you happy.

i think you mean every tom, dick and harry has a ‘fixty’ don’t you?

blakey / coffee: that’s miranda laidlaw, by the looks. one of my training partners.

‘Hey bro, your bike is full sik ay. I bet it goes as fast as my VL commodore, wanna race?’

Brenno: Thanks, couldn’t remember her name.

looks like a bt blade, sick bikes but i think they are illegal now

much better looking than the stealth

Given the seat tube says ‘blade’ I reckon you’re right!

nice one blakey, email some hi res to and i’ll show the Boss, i’m sure there’ll be some beans in it for you!

now that you mention it brendan, that name is familiar, i think its one of my bosses mates daughters! there’s not many of those kits getting around thats why i was surprised to hear of another one at disc. i dont have the long sleeve version, i didnt know it had red logo on the forearm, now i want!

i’m not going to buy the BT, i just splurged on a better fitting roadie, hence the two month old pearl merckx appearing in for sale thread as of today!