cheap bundy nsw

Velodrome / Track bicycle/bike fixie. Peter Bundy | eBay

very cheap. fastback seat stays (never seen this on a bundy frame). sugino 75 crankset. possible miche wheelset? i’d toss the forks however.

Bargain! Wish it were bigger.

Bidding! cheers!

edit: now delete the link so no one else does ha ha

Also gonna bid…how badly do ya want it HLC?

edit: by that I mean I am not going to get into a bidding war with you over it…but this is my size and looks pretty nice.

Silly move, I would have hit the BIN button

I rekon its gonna go over $450 now

I disagree. Everything has been rather slow over the last few weeks. Post xmas/new years/holiday blues no doubt.

The only reason it will go over $450 now is because of the hype here.

I like the frame, it is very similar to a friends Hillbrick here made of columbus thron. Similar fork, and similar paint - his is yellow/black though. The frame is my size (almost). I prefer a 54 square but for something like this I can make an exception. I have a budget, it is less than $450, hence why i did not ‘BIN’. I am not interested in a bidding war either. I will bid to my max, and if it goes over, it goes over. Win some/lose some.

i’m with brakefree. at $450 it was a bargain.

What’s with the fork, Prolly style clearances so you can run 35s?

not sure, but should be thrown in the bin. guessing not original.

Seriously, with nearly ten days to go, you just pull the trigger when a bike like that is a $450 BIN.

ok, so then what is the MAX everyone would spend on a ‘possible’ Peter Bundy (note the wrap around seatstays which the OP has never seen on a bundy before), which has what looks like a non-original fork, with ‘possible’ Miche wheelset (i agree, it does look like a Miche wheelset, so probably more a definate), a set of Sugino 75’s and some other misc. readily available/cheap parts (stem/seatpost/seat/bars etc) that most people have in their parts bin…

A nice steel track frame went on ebay for $280 last night… so in my eyes, with all these ‘possibles’, 450 doesnt seem so cheap anymore? but hey, if it goes over $450, i ruined it for everyone, and the seller gets what he deserves for the bike $ wise.

HLC has a budget, hes sticking to it, hes taken into account the market, and more importantly the bike itself and has bid accordingly.

Not all of us are out to own every bike up on offer!

i’m no expert. could be original bundy & forks. but fastback stays with integrated binder are ncie!

no stress. if it goes cheap, happy times. good luck.

Jim has done fastback stays stays, plenty of them. No way Jim ever built a fork like that so either it’s a non original fork or just a production frame with Bundy decals, of which there are many … like a lot of bike shops where old frames were stickered to resell them.

Buyer beware … can’t see much in the way of details to make out whether the frame is a Bundy.

On gumtree…quick flip?

Peter Bundy Track Frameset 52cm | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Strathfield

  • wheels:

Not a Bundy.

So the seller de-listed on FleaBay, split it and put it on Gumtree?

I think it may have been sold off eBay and new ebayer is splitting it.

Pickup was not strathfield on eBay.

quick flip indeed. go on, fess up (had to be someone here :wink: )

besides the fork, how can you tell? not questioning your judgement, just interested.

Owner lives in Strathfield.