Cheap campagnolo disc

Not long to go. Was going to have a sneaky bid, but factoring in a few costs I have coming up as well as probably needing to butcher another campagnolo hub to fix this, I’m going to restrain myself.

Campagnolo Khamsin Disc Wheel 700C NOT Ghibli | eBay

Would have looked lovely on my colnago though.

Maybe I should bid anyway…

It looks like it’s missing the entire freewheel side and bearing cup assembly, pretty much not possible to replace, i didn’t even know it could be removed. Sheered off maybe?

description says ‘modified’ lol. Buyer beware.

it says ‘custom’ mods & seller recommends hangin it on a wall.

I’d say it’s fucked.

What are the chances of successfully converting to track config do you guys reckon Shifter has the prowess?

Chucked in a bid with less than a minute to go but got sniped at the end.

Thought it’d look good at Antmans bar.

Yeah, could have been good for a wall hanger if it was under $50. This is a lesson in always keeping parts, particularly highly modified parts, together in one place when you are working on them.

Balleur raffle wheel.