Cheap De Rosa $175 - 51cm

Looks legit, i spied heart shape lugs on head tube?


Ended. But not sold?

thanks Jase! just nabbed it for Mrs GM’s birthday pressie

Congrats, great buy.

awesome GM! hope its the real deal.

I spy the love hearts too

woopah! lucky lady.

would look sweet with some yellow decals. Probably not period correct though…

De Rosa Derosa late 70s full set of decals vintage | eBay

I don’t think it’s a De Rosa

Is it the rubber internal cable entering an exit points spirito or something else?
I’m not vey familiar with de rosas…still even if not, a complete bike at that cost in the size is a good start to see if she’ll enjoy the longer rides.
He/she will bring it to melbourne this week, anything in particular to look for to determine if it is/isn’t legitimate?

It’s just the vibe. The lugs, fork crown, seat stay ends etc etc all don’t jibe with being a De Rosa. For the hopeless optimists that see heart cut outs on the lugs, I see plain lugs with standard windows that adorned thousands of bog stock frames.

Even if not a de rosa I’m sure she will love it,
Put the dt shifters back on some townie bars with Bmx levers and it will be a nice ride.

I’m sure she will love it regardless. Nice looking bike