Cheap Delta Botticelli rack @ Phantom


Holds four bikes.

Hmmm, that might JUST sort out my bikes…then I have to think about all the other bikes camped out at my place! I think I need about 3 of those suckers :expressionless:

Not yet…

More info:

Was considering the Michelangelo at twice the price and half the capacity before, but this looks like a better option.

That’s great and I think I might need one - along with everything else cycling related that I -need- right now… :roll:

Put the rack together last night. Trivially simple, reasonably sturdy (as much as can be expected from a slender column-like structure)

Currently hanging a sloping tube hybrid, a commuter mixte, a frame/fork and a roadie on it, all fits fine with no interference. I gave it a push with all four bikes on it and there’s some sway, but not worryingly so. That said, I wouldn’t go putting FS MTBs on the top arms.

In fact, if I was reviewing it like a high end road bike, I’d say it’s laterally compliant but vertically stiff :wink:

The arms are rubber coated on both ends and the weight of the bike keeps them in place. They can be placed anywhere so will accomodate any frame geometry.

Photos on request.

hmmm sounds like something I might need soon too.

Any chance you can take a closeup photo of the junctions between the legs and the vertical member and the top-rack part and the junction.

I’m hoping I can sort of chop it in half and use it as one of those ones that leans against the wall. Or does anyone know a cheap option for one of those??


There’s a close-up at Amazon.