Cheap Flash Mavic MTB Shooes 45.5- Melb

Mavic Ergo Ride Cyclocross / Mountain Bike Shoes (size 45.5) | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Darebin Area - Northcote

Sez they are new, $80.

I have the model down and they are alright if you have narrow feet (and if these aren’t the mega wide size)

Great price, I’d rock these if they fit


How are the new? Is his mum also a virgin? Used once?

I use mavics at DISC and they get my feet pretty chilly. can’t imagine these would be nice with water/mud…

They aren’t - but I guess the flip side is they dry fast.

Went on an overnighter last weekend and in the morning and at night my feet were freezing.

ended up with ghetto toe warmers - plastic bag between my socks and the shoe to stop the breeze a bit.

have hit the dude up. Never tried Mavic’s on, but am a 45/46 in Specialized kicks, hopefully i can try them on.

Picked them up, they are super comfy and fit perfectly, such a bargain, thanks for posting the link Mike.

Old mate was super nice, my jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw his bikes laying about, Pegoretti /CannondaleSupersixEVO / Cannondale Slice black edition… far out.

sweet as.

Gonna have to rock them at CX then?

you bet!


Out of curiosity Sime, what US size do you usually wear?

Usually a US 11 in Vans, you can try the Mavic’s on if you like.

Sime, I wear us 11s too and have 45.5s in these.

I learnt from experience these are not winter shoes. After 50km in -3c I didn’t feel my feet for two hours.

Bought shoe covers promptly thereafter.

Great shoes though.

Yep! I soon learned that too! so much ventilation, will be a wicked summer shoe.

Sick! Yeah, I might give 'em a try next time I catch you in them. I’m a 45 in the Specialized too so they’ll probably fit pretty well. Nice work on picking up a killer bargain!