Cheap Helmets?

Could be some helmet bargainsin the shops over the next couple of weeks?

(Nothing on the CA site about this new standard and racing…)

“to use straps that will stretch sufficiently in an accident to allow the helmet to come off a rider’s head” … I don’t understand this, seems a bit counter intuitive.

I know LAS helmets, normally around $260 were going for $80 at their retailers. So I guess the answer is yes!

Anyone got any insider contacts on getting a cheap catlike?

I got a cheap LAS a while back.

In thinking about this statement though

This is one of the key arguments that ‘no helmet’ proponents use as a justification. So shouldn’t this apply to all protruding parts of a helmet, and not just the visors? Surely the ‘aero-ish’ high and/or pointy rear of many helmets would also cause significant rotational forces in an accident.

I’d like a new helmet, where are the bargains??

straps should stretch and allow the helmet to come off in case it gets caught on something post initial <.1 sec after impact. saw pictures recently of a motorcyclist scalped by his helmet strap which hooked under his nose and pulled everything above it off when he hit a guardrail head on. as to visors, the AS may not require the helmet to be tested with the visor on, so it could cause a change in force and non compliance.
my sister actually had a helmet visor come off and cut her through the upper lip in a crash when she was a teen faceplanting the road,

but i’m into cheap helmets, so if there’s any sales…

The USAC (USA main cycling body - but not the overarching one that CA is) recently banned visors in their CX races, as well as cameras and other ‘adornments’.

It was treated with much derision (not so much the camera part) as it ends halloween costume additions and creates a strange difference between MTB racing and CX rules. All of this the week after a top level MTB’er had won 2 UCI CX races in SoCal wearing a visor.

To be fair - the more I learn about the USAC the more I cant believe they are in charge of US cycling.

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

do it yourself…

Giro Ionos are doing the rounds from $250 to $299 but they will pass the new test by all accounts.

so its just as bad as buying a helemt from overseas then if you buy these ‘older approved’ helmets?

yeah, i read that this morning. i was like “uuuuhhhhhhhh…???”

These guys (Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute) have been advocating ‘no snag points’ on the rear of helmets for ages.

i am interested in your newsletter and would like to subscribe… will be in touch!

Today I’ve seen fairly (un-cecil-like) hefty reductions at Cecil’s, price cuts at T7, probably won’t have to look very far.

My lbs which i volunteer at gave me one of these not-up-to-scratch las helmets for free. stoked.
edit: they are putting em up on ebay soon for those bargain hunters

Went to my LBS to check out helmets, and all were marked down, although not to 40% as others have suggested. The owner explained they were getting constant updates on which models were to be reduced and which would just have a ‘sticker’ put on by the local rep. He said something about 3 different categories of helmets, ones being discontinued, one meeting the standards but needed a ‘sticker’ and something in between, he wasnt 100% sure himself, still waiting on more info.

So bascially those models discontinued would be drastically reduced, but others not so much. The LBS were thinking of ‘giving’ away helmets with a purchase of a new bike.

This LBS stocked GIRO and Bell, i wanted the ionos and he was ready to price match, but no mediums, none in the Bell Volts either =(

Torpedo7 have a big markdown on the Limar Pro 104 @ $59.99

Introducing the world’s lightest helmet… the Limar Ultralight Pro 104. Weighing in at just 180g (medium size) the Pro features a stream-lined design, an aerodynamic shape, ample venting and a bidirectional sizing system for the perfect fit.

LIMAR Pro 104 Road Helmet - Torpedo7

Was in Teds in footscray on the weekend and they have a whole stack of “specialized road helmets” for $39.95. The lady at the counter was saying the very reason having to get ride of them was cause of the new legislation. I picked up 2. The got fox ones as well I think and others.

Giro Ionos $299 at bikeforce Essendon and Docklands not many sizes left they will post for $25. I am working for two more days at the essendon store ask for Chris.

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reminds me of flight of the navigator, hate those limars, look bloody awful.