Cheap high quality 700C dynamo wheel

Handspun Pavement Series 5, Front Deore LX Dynamo Mavic | eBay

Deore LX hub (similar to current Alfine & 3N80 hubs) & butted DT spokes to Mavic A319 double eyeletted rim.

USD$156 & 14 S&H. Bargain.

Seller also has 26" and 650B, but the shipping is $40.

$14 s&h? That’s a mad good deal. Seriously tempted.
The hub is good quality you reckon?

Edit: what’s the difference between the a319 & a719? I have the 719 on my crosscheck, the 319 looks remarkably similar. Assuming the the 719 is slightly more heavy duty…

Anyone got experience running these dynamo set ups to charge electronics whilst touring?

@HM: 319 is slightly lighter and is pinned not welded. Looks the same. Both are eyeletted, both are good rims. Hub is Ultegra level quality. It’s not a SON, but it’s 90% as good and you get the whole wheel for less than the price of a SON hub.

@BR: Google B&M e-werk or pedalplus. You can power/charge GPS/iPhone/laptop/etc etc.

Ordered. Thx for heads-up blakey.

Ordered, now to figure out how to power my house off it
Only 5 left, looks like half of will be rolling on these :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if the shipping’s wrong, for under USD$200 landed, it’s still a damn good buy considering the price of the hub alone. (~$180 here.)

I’ve already got my paypal receipt. Unlikely that they’ll try and tack on extra, seeing as it was the quoted price and all. Here’s hoping anyway…

USD $14.00 postage sounds too good to be true. But good luck!

So apparently the first of the $14 shipping wheels has landed in Melbourne.

Not too good to be true it would seem. Those that didn’t take advantage now have to pay the full (correct) shipping price.

a bit tempted. still says $14 shipping.

I bought one initially at the $14 S&H, checked back a few days later and the S&H was $40 now appears to be back at $14.
USPS tracking says mine has cleared customs (as blakey mentioned) and I only paid the $14 as mentioned in the e-bay listing.

Ebay postage win! Happy to hear- doesn’t happen often.

I installed the wheel and light (in a truely kludgetacular manner) last night, works good.
If anyone else with a dyno light needs the little itty bitty spade connectors to wire up the light (the spaninga i bought didn’t come with wires, the hub comes with it’s own connector) i could only buy them in packs of 100 so i have plenty spare, along with some red and black heat shrink

I’m still waiting for my wheel: seems there was a fuckup with USPS, last tracked leaving Chicago. Have chased up with the seller and ebay, hopefully they just send me a new one and deal with the lost wheel at their end.


my notification thing just go updated. it left Aus customs last night and is on its way. Where was it for 3 weeks?

i had that with a pair of wheels, when another pair of wheels sent at exactly the same time came through fine. must have been trying to ship heroin stuffed in the rim

You did pay only $14.00 shipping remember- probably came on a boat!

Literal “shipping” takes more like three months. Ask Erle and I how we know.