Cheap Jamis Eclipse

Seems like a good deal to me. If I was taller I’d buy it myself.

Jamis Eclipse 58cm Steel Road Bike Reynolds 853 Campagnolo Centaur Chorus MIX in Northcote, VIC | eBay

Jeez, not bad at all.

Yeah want that, but probably won’t have a go.

You are pretty much buying a frame only, the rest is meh.

Those ultra light, Jamis steel frames are amazing. I bought a (different) frame off a guy that owned one and we had a chat about it. When I picked his up to feel it, it weighed nothing. That got me interested in getting something other than the gas pipe clunker I was riding at the time.

The rest of the components aren’t too shabby either. They’re nothing fancy, but they look to be in great condition. Would be a great first roadie

Not sure what’s “meh” about a good condition and functional 10 speed group.

Agreed. One of the noobs need to make the leap from fixed to free, this would be perfect.