Cheap Ken - Perth $140

12 Sp Kenovans Mens Racer- Dura Ace Groupset - Perth - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 02-Sep-10 22:40:00 AEST)

Wow that is cheap! How well would the groupo clean up?

Too many big frames on ebay at the moment…

tally, owe ya one =)

Amazingly cheap, have fun with that.

gotta 6’6 mate who needs a bike, this should do him.

Good buying

Did you get it - Good stuff. Always good when a find goes to a good home

yeh jumped on it, i probably shoudlve asked my mate first if he wanted it. He was complaining that somone nicked his mountian bike from his shed.

We’ll see how we go, worse comes to worse the frame will make a re-appearance =)

This was listed as a Kenovans, is that a really bad spelling error or did Ken have an identity crisis?