Cheap merckx for people with giant legs.

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra road bike frame - eBay Road Bike Frames, Frames, Cycling, Sport. (end time 22-Aug-10 14:10:31 AEST)

63 seat tube 57 top tube.

Pretty cheap otherwise.

I saw this a while ago. Got excited reading the description until I got to the end - LARGE!

Looks weird

shit, went cheap

I’d like to meet the guy who bought it, see his bizarro bodyshape.

I’d like to meet the guy who bought it, see his bizarro bodyshape.


another large merckx, if perhaps not so cheap
Eddy Merckx Team Motorola - eBay Road Bike Frames, Frames, Cycling, Sport. (end time 28-Aug-10 21:27:56 AEST)

that can be arranged if you live in melbs, do you live in melbs? i don’t think 57 x 61.5 is too bizarro, it’s ‘my size’. thanks for posting it (and subsequently ridiculing the person that purchased it)

i’m happy with the price. mark, the seller, seems like a great guy too, posted the frame on my word i had deposited the funds. that’s how i roll and it’s nice to know others do too.

personally i wouldn’t sent shit till the funds had cleared. for a forum member i might, but certainly not ebay.

but good buyin. post some pics once built up.

Yeah good buying! I put an offer on the frame when he had it up for bin or best offer. I put in a offer for 610 and he rejected it then sold it for 599 at an auction. Thems the brakes.

icecream- i take each ebay transaction on a case by case basis, there are times when i have waited for funds to clear because i haven’t got a great impression of the buyer and there have been times when i have sent prior to funds clearing cos i know they will be good for it. i’ll probably get burnt one day but until that day i’ll pretend we live in a better society!

huge- that is stiff! saw the $599 BIN and had to haz

Same for me. Mark sent me a Ken frame and i’d only paid a deposit. He was happy to take me at my word.


yeah, don’t think it’s an odd geo at all. it’d suit me pretty nicely i’d say, and i’m not weird lookin’

I do’nt have a problem sending stuff before money has cleared and am yet to be burnt. Bricktop , did the frame arrive ok ? The first time i listed it the offers were rejected automaticly and then changed to buy it now later. More coming in big sizes so keep an eye out ,corsa extra 60.5 seat tube c to c , 58.5 tt c to c.

We should vote on this.