Cheap Pinarello w/ 600 sti QLD Gumtree

Pretty good for the price, it even has DA hubs.

Pinarello Veneto Road Racing Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast West - Nerang

nice find dl! looks to be a good deal.

I fuckin love Shamarno

Rolly, it’s spelled Sbimano

Daamn I want this…

pretty paint, good buyin.

Spoke to the guy today, if it was closer I would grab it for sure.

Harry, get yourself some $$ before you go wanting every bike that pops up here! :wink:

I have money but I’m being responsible and saving it! IT’S TOUGH SOMETIMES!

This thing has been up multiple times at this price along with his carbon corima frame.

I like this. And if it were 54 I’d probably be asking one of you guys if you could pick it up/send it for me.

Anyone feel like coming along on a road trip? I won’t be able to join in but hey… while you’re up there can you grab me this nice bike I want from this guy I know.

paid for both the pinny and corima tonight, guys packing it up to be sent over to perth lol.

good work dude. decent pickup!

He will be stoked i looked at buying the corima a year ago hahaha.


hhaha nice az!



I’m amused - I asked him what he could organise re: postage and he was going to get back to me. Guess I won’t be hearing from him.

basically just said to pack them up and ill sort out the rest!

no particular reason! ill probably end up transferring the 600 group to the corima then build up the pinny with a campy group and shamwow’s