Cheap rollers at Wiggle

Wiggle | CycleOps Aluminium Rollers Turbo Trainers

$180 for folding aluminium rollers, free shipping. Seems like a pretty decent deal.

(This sort of thing is legit in the eBay forum, right?)

It’s legit. Thanks for sharing.


you can usually get rollers off torp7 for 150

Upon closer inspection, they are on sale.

$147.16 with free shipping!

You lie mercury!

Straight from the site:

List price $327.04
SAVE 45% = $147.16
Your Wiggle price:

327.04 - 45% (147.16) = 179.88

the way they’ve put it on the site is slightly misleading

they have some of these at my favourite ever LBS. they aren’t anything special, but will do the job and do it well.

what’s the retail on these in aus on these it may not be too bad.

FYI - I have some tacx antares rollers that I am now looking to get rid of due to my latest purchase. 200 clams and comes w/ a bracket to put your forks in, should you want to spin - good for riding whilst watching races. They are great, but no longer have a need for them.

just borrowed some. did a session listening to jay-z then a session watching macgyver then a session listening to belinda carlisle.

also, what’s the ol’ adage. 30 mins on rollers is like 1 hour on the road? or am i just telling myself this?

I guess it depends how you use them. I use mine mainly for working on pedalling technique and warming up prior to racing and it doesn’t feel like i get much of a workout at all as there isn’t enough resistance. But if you were to runs a big enough gear and take some pressure out of your tires im sure you could get a very intense workout.

allegedly, because you’re constantly pedaling and balancing (therefore engaging your core). but i think the ratio’s supposedly a little higher - 1hr rollers = 1.5hrs road.

lots of sweet roller workouts available…

Please tell us more Brendan.

no hands / out of the saddle / looking over left shoulder / looking over right shoulder / taking out your bidon / taking out your bidon no hands / eyes shut / reading a book…

For a while i was doing little 20 minute sessions on the rollers, doing high cadence for a few minutes and it totally destroyed me. Think i got to 190ish RPM and sat there for as long as i could. Felt like it was doing something.

Agreed, i’m a dirty liar who can’t read. I wonder how many fuckups i’ve made purchasing from wiggle thinking i’m getting the deal of the century.

Pm sent.