Cheap Sydney 2nd hand bikes

A mate of mine is looking for a bike (not fixed - single speed okay) to ride to and from the beach each morning and when doing his groceries. He has been sending me a bunch of bikes that are just plain rubbish (retro styled cruises etc).

Is there anywhere in Sydney that sells old bikes for not much, aiming the price point at uni students ($300 max).

Any help will be awarded with warm and fuzzy karma.

There used to be Pedallin’ Pete at Ultimo, but apparently his lease ran out and he hasnt got a new place yet.

Try Omafiets. You might get lucky.

I know there must be a few other places selling cheaper bikes, but can’t think of them at the moment.

Thanks buddy! here, have some Karma.

Is he tall?!

He is just a bit taller than me (180cm) so I think that would be way too big. Thanks anyway… you still get Karma… just tepid karma.

They also have an auction place on Mitchell Rd at Erskineville that always have at least 5 bikes, and there are markets on Sundays near Souths Jnrs at Daceyville that always have a few bikes for sale too.

Of the two I’d go the markets at Kingsford (near Souths Jnr’s). The Mitchell Rd auctions are cool but a lot of people check them out and anything good isn’t going to be cheap. Anything cheap is gonna cost a lot to get rolling if he doesn’t have a clue and/or tools. At least at the markets someone (usually an old wog :wink: ) has cleaned it up and for the most has got it rolling and you may even be able to take it for a quick ride.

The reality is that good bikes (and everything else) in Sydney aren’t cheap. That being said, if he can’t find one for $300 with the advent of the interwebs and smart phones he isn’t really trying. He’s just gonna have to travel and head a west a little more.

Thanks Rhys and Spirito, I have run out of Karma today. Have some Parma instead.