cheap track BB and cranks

I know where to hunt for second hand.
But can anyone point me to new cheap BB and Cranks.
My build currently runs a cheap shimano standard road BB and second hand 3speed cranks.
It works but my chain line isnt straight and I’ve dropped my chain a few times.
So. English thread track BB and cranks please. Which direction should I look?
A Victoria based shop or Internet site
Im thinking $200 max. Is that realistic. My whole bike only cost $400 or so and I dont really want to spend more than that on a bb/cranks.
Im on a humble 20g’s a year at the moment

Let me know when you find some.

Maybe spend cash on a new, cheap Shimano BB of the correct length.

this might help u??

$115? For a BB?

I am guessing thats within his budget and sugino bb aint bad…:smiley:

ok, look at eBay, go find the seller wheelandsprocket.
have a look at the crank sets he’s selling.
range in price from about $20US to around $160us.
pretty much any of them will do the job, and if you flog them, at the cheap end of the scale, just buy new ones.
for around $80-90US you can find cheapo sugino RD with a chainrind in the size you want.
make sure you spend your money on a quality BB tho.
you will almost always thrash the BB before you stuff the cranks.
shimano sealed units are good quality for a reasonable price and come in pretty much any width you like.
if you want to get a cup and bearing set up, make sure you are prepared to spend your time on maintainance, or you can kiss it all good bye quick time.
if you can, make sure of the width BB you need first, worst thing on the orld is having 6 BB laying round cause you don’t use a good tape and work out widths first.

yep. sounds cheap to me :?

keep an eye out. I just sold a sugino track crankset and bottom bracket for $145 including all bolts, nuts, caps etc. My matching chainrings were going for $18 ea. I wish you had piped up earlier!

  • Joel

Why weren’t we told? Or were we?

Joel’s stuff was on ebay for ages…

People were told…

Why did someone not buy it?!!!

Hell, i didn’t see it.

Know absolutely NOTHING about these…but if the total emphasis is on CHEAP, $93 NZ is cheap

Throw away the fuck’n meth pipe, Spud!

Damn, I watch ebay fairly closely and I missed it as well.

Small suggestion people, when looking at ebay use the search fuction and type track…Simple!

my god - that’s genius!

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Cheers lads. Looks like second hand/eBay is the way to go. Im just sick of hunting around. It would be so nice to just walk into a shop, put your money down and walk away. To bad everything new these days is either thousands of dollors of a steaming pile of s…

This set may be a touch over your budget, but when you consider it:

a: is new
b: comes with BB and chainring
c: is 144BCD

the price is pretty damn good:

Roselli Track Crankset

… and at ~270, quite a bit cheaper than the sugino 75 option (250 + 170 + 150 ~= 570)

Probably any bike shop could order them in, BikePro in Surrey Hills might be worth a call.

Dunno how good or bad they are, but there’s plenty of them in use :slight_smile: