cheap track bike $250 - 54cm - perth gumtree


Vintage track bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Carine

considering it and I ride a 57 haha, If only I lived near carine…

isn’t that near you jase?

yeh, belongs to a feller i know actually =D

Haha it’s going to qld

wow just a bit annoyed I missed that

dayne? I think jase said in another gumtree thread, stick to your state haha.

Might have to rebrand it…

yeah me too. although saying that i didn’t really need another track bike.

Pretty sure that’s a Kuwahara. Same Tange forks, lugs and dropouts as my one. Probably Ishiwata EX tubing too.

you guys are to slow me thinks. was onto this a minute after it was posted up.

Exactly the same as my old Francesco i sold to Rcoh, which was my first ever legit track frameset. Sweet little frames, nice geo and tubing is decent aswell. Pretty stoked. Now I just gotta get it picked up now.

+1 on being kuwahara, bargain.

nw dayne.

yeah I don’t even have a track bike yet, just a converted road frame. Congrats to whoever got it. Shame its not staying in WA

It will look great with a powdercoat, rizors and a spok…


Oh man just got back to p-town today. My size too :’( need a frame with a horizontal top tube bad - that is, not my visp, and cheap.

Slow time in the shop then?

Nah, Gypsy has a spider sense that tingles when there is a cheap track bike to be bought…