Cheap Track frame - Perth

cant help myself…

Description on the add:

57cm orange


i take it you bought it? care to share anyway?

i got issues =(

in the pub section =)

Who bought it?!?!??!

my size and everything :frowning:

edit: oh you did hahah

how much was it?? on the bay?

$200 if i remember correctly.

gumtree, and yep $200 frame/fork.

Haha you are worse than me Jase!

yeh, its getting baaaad. But hey, i did sell my other frame/fork at least! so one in one out!

you bought the wheels off the other complete as well?!?!
i was going to buy that complete haha

do you know what rims/hubs they are?

hubs are dura ace first gen track, single sided fixed. no idea on the rims though

there was a complete as well? i need to check gumtree more often!!!