cheap track shamals

not the original track nuts, missing dust caps but still fast.

Campy Shamal Track / Fixie Wheels | eBay

yes they are! and its a very good price.

Andy any chance you’ve got a set of dust caps and nuts in your stash? Cos I think the Falcon wants these!

someone has bid so the BIN is off, doubt this will end up a bargain any more

why would somebody bid!!!???

i may be wrong, but i’d be surprised if they went for less than $600…

because the average ebay user is an idiot

great place to sell things for a lot of money!

^^hell yeah. sold something (not cycling related) today for way over the BIN price


This TWE dude must think he’s pretty good, stripping campagnolo shamal decals to put his ugly logo on instead!

i think you will find that because TWE recently serviced the wheels that this rebranding is fully justified

Wait, did I just get alexb618sarchasmed?!

I hope so, cos if you are serious I’m gonna sneak up on you and drop some oil into your bearings and then slap some “BennyTattsWasHereWithLube” stickers all over your shit!



Somebody make these stickers

i dont reckon they would stick too well, ive been on the soy milk lately and it is causing all sorts of issues in that region

I’ll be back in 5 mins

are they unisex?

everything must be unisex

not all cats swing like that

Post was intentionally laced with wrongness…

almost as wrong as affixing TWE decals to shamals?