cheap trispoke


tri spoke wheels fixed gear fixie aerospoke | eBay

with this…

Simoncini Time Trial Frame TT frame Fixie | eBay

and this…


Dubrats old Simoncini!

is nice…

You’re kidding, I can’t believe this comes up a few days after I pay 300 for a set of 650’s just for the front. I now have a rear 650c with no use.

Anyone want to lend me $200?

anyone want to pick this up for me when i win it and courier it to melbs for me? seller is asking way to much for postage

You know it’s a 650c right?

thats half the reason i want it :slight_smile:

Have you got a lo pro for it.
Please tell me it’s not for a 700c bike

yeh i’m kind of having second thoughts; whats the size difference between 650c and 700c?


I put a small bid down just incase it doesn’t get bought st 200

It’ll look like dis

yeh looks shit.

Don’t be a sissy. You’ll never make it into MASH if you don’t buy this wheel.

How much did he quote for postage?


$70 mangg

And if I bought it is be up for $100 for a new set of forks. My LBS get/can order in a set of spokes for $500, and they take 3 weeks to get here. They also sell hed tri spokes for $800. Anyone wanna split; I dibs front

^^ this is so good.