Cheap/used rollers. What to look out for?

Hi all.

I’m looking at cheap and 2nd hand rollers and was wondering if there are any things I should look out for. For example, what parts are likely to break, be worn? If the rubber strap that turns the front roller is broken can they be replaced or is this difficult/expensive? Are the cheap ones even worth getting?

I’ve never used rollers before, but i figure it’s the easiest set up for training with fixed gear, and it also allows my partner to easily use her fixed gear bike on there as well (as opposed to normal trainers where the bike is more locked in).

Any opinions and ideas welcomed.

My one tip is check for warped barrels and try to ride them before hand. Even if the barrels are slightly non circular you’ll really notice it. Unless you are looking for a roubaix simulator…

Yep, but just make sure your rear tyre isn’t covered in skid flat spots aswell cause that really sux too

haha I’m not cool enough to skid.

I would try to look out for some rollers with alloy drums, they run a lot smoother than the plastic ones. I’ve got cycleops alloy and they are great.

Just buy my ones :slight_smile:

How much pay and what are they