Cheap way to ship from the US to Aus

I was in Seattle for work last week and had some new wheels delivered to a mates place, planning to bring them home with me on the plane.

Fate and poor planning stepped in and they didn’t arrive till the day after I left.

Does anyone know of a good cheap way (say $50 max) to get the wheels here?

If there is no other way I can wait and get them next trip but that will mean no new toy for a couple of months.

I’m getting some sports gear sent over and Sea Mail is the cheapest way. About 30-40% of what Air costs. It just takes 4-6 weeks is all, so if you don’t mind the wait…

have you tried one of those excess baggage places. most backpackers places have ads for one up.
they organise bulk shipping to/from cities so you don’t get hit with baggage excess.
might be worth a try

USPS - 40lbs for $68. sea mail. less weight less cost. but that’s the max for sea mail.

i sent stuff from NYC on 27 Jan - it got here 15 March.

just do it at the USPS - the shipping place wanted double that to send with USPS - really odd.

make sure you tape it with clear tape and do all the right things…

Thanks lwheat, that sounds like my best alternative yet, if no one can transport them for me in the next month I’ll give it a go. Bought a wheelset for my offroad fix from Bicycle for $115US Formula hubs, DT spokes, Weinman rims.
At that price any shipping cost becomes a big part of the total investment.

i got the formula and mavic from them for my street bike. can’t turn a deal like that down. i’m almost tempted to get another set and just have them lying around.

you could just fly with it. the baggage allowances out of the states are pretty good, but if you’re flying cuntas anywhere else you might want to think again (20kg total limit, all bags)