Cheap Zipps - GC

tubs id say

Zipp Race wheels | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast South - Currumbin Waters | 1030019734

If they were in Victoria I’d be all over them.

Worst hubs ever,

Really? How? I have only serviced one pair of zipp hubs and they seemed okay.

Why are these bargains not in Sydney -_-

The carbon bits rattle badly, the alloy seams soft and just wear quickly from what I’ve seen, I’ve repaired a mates a million times for a million different problems.
A mate was in a team sponsored by them in Europe and did about 56 pairs in a season, by the end of the year they were racing on training wheels.
But that’s only my experience not a broad view I guess but if they are really what you want Tristan I’m happy to try grab em just pm me

Bargain indeed!

Silver freehub so around 2006-07? Can’t be converted to Shimano 11 speed if that is whats needed…

I have a set of 404s from around the same time I only use racing and find the hubs okay. Though not doing anywhere near rthe Kms a race team would.

id say be wary, have a read a few horror stories. As dayne says, the alloy seems weird. Lots of cracked hubs etc.

cant believe nobody here has bought these at that price, probably could get them for 150

would go pretty well on a cx bike for anyone that wants to run tubulars

at that price who cares if they only last a season