Cheaper Deep Vs??

$350 a set.

I think that’s cheaper than most other places.

Other than something built to a nicer a hub, I hope no one actually pays $550.

no-one has ever paid $550. this is where cell bikes retail vs cell price thing will fall down.

i said it once ages ago: by law, you can only claim something is $x off retail if it has actually been sold at that retail price. because cell bikes have never been sold anywhere else, saying that a bike is $x off retail is a lie, because the new, low, one time only price IS the retail. they could be sued, i guess.

nonetheless, I’d like to see them justify the “retail” price of $550.

Mark from cell: I understand your rationale with cell branded stuff, but whats the deal with the velocities?

Yeah, this kind of advertising straight up raises issues under the Trade Practices Act: section 52 “misleading or deceptive conduct”.

Problem is that an individual person would only have standing to sue if they can show that they have suffered loss as a result of that conduct, which would be pretty hard to make out.

Of course, one could notify the ACCC and they could take action on behalf of consumers. I think I recall, but I can’t be sure, that Kathmandu has had trouble with this in the past.

In any case, I think it is fair enough for Cell to advertise that they sell the wheels cheaper than most other retailers. But they should be careful to not mislead customers in this way.

yeh, if they were claiming that retail was $450, then yeh, maybe. It’s only a slight stretch. But $550 is silly.

JB Hifi got in trouble for the same thing: they no longer mark new release cds with a THEN/NOW price cos they technically never sold it at the THEN price. marked down specials are another matter.

anyhoo. i know it’ll get justified away again by all and sundry. and i’ll keep buying cheap stuff there cos i do my research and know when i’m getting a deal. just kinda shits me, but whatever.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you went into a rip off bike shop like Cecil Walker and asked how much a Velocity track wheelset is, the answer might be more than you think… :expressionless:

Just sayin

i agree here, and plus then you could factor in hand built or not.

Yeah and if you went into Clarence Street Cycles and asked them how much for a set you would probable defecate your self and feel like throwing it at them… :?

a guy there once quoted me 600


there’s rrp, then there’s then total ripoff cunts like cecil and clarence. rrp is around $450 for machine built deep-v’s.

i think clarence streets current price for a tube is $15.

Velocity will have a price that is in their contracts with the distirbuters that they have to advertise as the recommended retail price and sell them at that price…as far as ‘specials’ go there must be a clause in the contract about that too.
RRP might be $550 according to the contract with Velocity

I sell medical equipment and I always have a price I have to sell the products at…it’s what I buy the products at that is negotiable with me and seller.

Hope that makes sense

pffft, deep v’s. those things ain’t even deep no more

A lot of bicycle parts wholesalers don’t actually have a listed RRP for all their parts.

As for Deep Vs, we’d end up charging around $540 in the shop if we were hand building them (assuming velocity hubs and 14g silver spokes).

So i guess what i can take away from this is that you can pay anywhere from $350 to $600 for a set of deep-vs. maybe cell should change their ad to “save $250”.

or …

buy the rims at a scratch-and-dent price from your LBS
source spokes
assemble yourself
with or without truing stand

the point is

you learn that it’s some tricky shit

and/or you buy a proper stand and get it right the second time – it’s not rocket science

get involved with the leave-it-as-is vs. locktite vs. hippy oil to keep it all together

we all get there in the end.

too long, didn’t read: I’ve seen them at $399, go for it y’all.

in other news: it’s all about the hubs, rite?