Cheapest place for Open Pro rims?

Anyone got a cheap source? Starbike work out at about 43 Euros each + shipping (total of around $126 for two rims) … seems pretty good.

I bought mine via velomine on ebay for 164 and that was the best deal I could find at the time… 126 is super cheap :slight_smile:

That will be hard to beat I think. Bike24 may be cheaper but they up the shipping for rims. Do the numbers and see.

Cheers, with delivery they’re ~$122 at Bike24.

A saving of $4!

Which equates to a decent bottle of beer.

though you will drink many $4 beers wondering when the hell your rims will arrive.


Eff Bike24!

Yes, and also the fact the rims will probably be bent in half due to the shit packaging. Apart from that, great service!