Cheapish wheelset

I’m building up my first fixed gear. And are there any complete track wheelsets selling for around, $200-300?

Ive looked on Kookiebikes, and their cheapest set of flip-flop hubs are selling for $93 a pair. How much would it set me back to get them built up to some decent rims? And it says that it has 120mm spacing on the rear hub, but the dropout spacing on the frame I’m using is 130mm. Can I re-space the rear hub, maybe put in a longer axle or something so it will run properly with my frame?

As far as I’m aware the cheapest new wheel set you can get is from, which weighs in at about $400 (but don’t quote me on that). The other option is to just get a rear wheel built up and use a normal front roady wheel from somewhere else.

Happy building :smiley:

Hillbrick is selling their own brand of track wheels.

$350 gets you 32 hole sealed bearing high flange hubs (they look like formulas) laced to unknown rims, 2 cogs and tyres.

link here.

Click on the camera for a photo of the wheels.


Those Hillbricks are looking good.

Would you happen to know the spacing of the rear hub?


As a conservative estimate, take off
2 X $40 for tyres
$20 for tubes and rim tape,
$50 for two cogs and lockrings

and your getting a set of built up wheels for $200. Bloody good I reckon.

Wonder if they’d lace them up to clincher rims?

I think they are clinchers. In fact, they look like Velocity Aeroheads to me. I don’t think they could fit singles with tyres & tubes into such a low price.

Just emailed them, we’ll see what they have to say!

Looks very tempting if they also come in silver.


Wheels are laced to deep-v clincher rims, similar to Velocity Aeroheads, but not actually that rim. Tyres are Kenda 23mm (can’t remember the exact name).

Available in black only, no retro silver (drat it!)

They have stacks so they’re attempting to clear them out cheep-cheep.

(and I should have realised that a tubular doesn’t need rim tape and tubes, does it…)

They are the exact wheels that come on their buget track bike. I believe the hubs are not Formula or Dimension. The cut outs are different … like 2 triangles put close together to form a diamond shape. The tyres are not worth very much. I had the exact same tyre spec’ed on my Fuji. They get cut up quite easily and are narrower than the stated 23mm. I suspect that the wheels come out of the same Taiwan factory that supplies Hillbrick’s Track bikes. Probably not hand laced. Still a very good deal though.