Checking for frame damage.

Had a head on collision today. My forks are bent and front wheel damaged. I have checked the frame and it appears to be OK, however if the impact bent the forks part of me would expect some damage to the frame. Any recommendations for checking?

Must go, my head and neck hurts.

^ fuck the bike, go and see a doctor.


Hope you’re ok mate. If it was someone else’s fault and they are going to be paying I’d say take the whole lot straight into a bikeshop. Otherwise if you’re still in St Lucia I don’t mind coming over one arvo after work and having a look over it for you. You need to look for compression along the tubes, particularly near the headtube. A straightedge should be used to see if any of the tubes are bent. If you impacted the cranks in the crash I’d be looking for micro-cracks there as well. Anything where stuff has been joined (lugs, welds, etc.) will need to be checked for stress fracturing.

I’d add though that just because damage isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t hiding somewhere.

I’m OK, it was head on with another cyclist. Some workmen were putting up some fencing to make the bikeway narrower near north quay. No traffic management in place. An old guy was riding the other way and was in the middle of the available space, I tried to swerve but it was unavoidable. Not really his fault, not really my fault, I’d say the fault of poor planning on the workmens part. Not looking to assign any blame, my bike got fucked, the old guy got carted off in an ambulance (the ambulance guy just told me he had superficial injuries thankfully).

I didn’t know what planet I was on, offered my name and number to the ambo guys and the workmen, no one wanted it! They just sent me on my way! Didn’t get the old guys details. Work sent me home.

I’m still in St Lucia, if you don’t mind taking a look over it Dan it would be appreciated.

Claim the cost of damages to the council. Go back there and get some pics etc. They have systems in place for compensation, which you have to be really persistent about, but apparently can work in your favour.

Picked up the bike last night. Forks have been bent back and to the side, frame looks ok although am going to get a second opinion. Front wheel has buckles on the actual lip so is a goner.

Surprised I dusted myself off and walked to work must have been a decent impact. Sore today though.