checking out SYDNEY

hey everyone!
just signed up to this site… i will be coming out to sydney from boston in about a month so i thought id check it out and see if there are sydney peeps on here.
me: im Shannon, 25 years old. i live in Los Angeles and also spend some time in Boston. i like smashing, polo and long walks on the beach.
my bitch: early 80s bianchi conversion.
polo bike: piece of shit.
i think that covers it!
so yea, if theres anyone in sydney drop a line :smiley:

Hey Shannon,
I can’t be known for being the most reliable to turn up to a ride or meet, but when you get here give me a yell and we can catch up.

Where in Sydney are you thinking of setting up base?

P.S. Not sure about this long walks on the beach thing???

Don’t lie it’s your thing :smiley:

Shit!!! How’d you find out? :?

Fixed gear rides on wed night and early sat morning.

pm me for details.

hi bike kids
i have officially arrived in sydney and am looking for peeps to ride with! i am staying in marrickville (?) if anyone is around and wants to ride PM me :slight_smile:

join this as well, i think you’re sposed to email it or something…