Cheese Helmets at T7

Just got myself a Limar 907 for $40 at Torpedo 7 :-o, only a few sizes and colours but the whole range has been slashed massive!

If you don’t like the colour just buy it anyway and sticker the crap out of it!

Thanks for the heads up. I take it by a few you mean 1 :smiley: or at least it was by rthe time I logged on. Luckily one size fits me…

Yeah, luckily I got in to work early this morning! Pissed that I missed out on the cheap bibs though.

thanks for that. scored a few cheap items.

I got the Limar Crono time trial helmet for $70! Australian standard sticker and all. Other places are selling it for ~$280. Nuts. No, I won’t be riding to work in it.

nothing left :frowning:

I thought I’d resurrect this thread. After 8 months both helmets are going strong. In that time I have been eternally jealous of Mrs Ant’s Pro 104 as it is one of the lightest helmets I have ever held. I have been so tempted to steal it for a few rides but have been put off by the threat of no sex for a month and the fact that it is light pink (not bold manly Giro pink).

Today I got an email saying that the same helmet is up for $89 at T7 so I grabbed myself a white one in Large.

Great helmet for long distances given the light weight. Takes the stress off your neck muscles and generally feels like you’re not wearing it.

Mods, if this seems like advertising then feel free to lock it up, I understand.