Chicken Wiiiinnggssss!

In case there is any confusion, my classy teammate from the Midwests - Birdie - demonstrates a classic chickenwinging.

Birdie vs Ebbin on Vimeo

View the full game (all 20 mins of sudden death glory) against MPLS’s Git Sum here:

Git Sumthing Clever on Vimeo

Also check out the save I make on the open-net shot @ 14:15

Just to clarify, this is a VERY obvious example.
Just because its often more subtle does NOT make it any less dangerous or more acceptable. It often occurs when two riders are right next to each other, their elbows side by side.
What SHOULD happen is that both riders keep their elbows in as much as possible. A little bit of elbow bumping is okay. There should be no overlapping of the elbows. If there is, the rider with their elbow on top is going to be heavily scrutinized, be careful what you do in this situation.

Can you post this to

Done, but i dont know why the fuck i cant embed videos onto the stupid fucking website. CALLING ROB MOSS. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THE FUCKING THING, ITS BROKE DAWG!