Chicks on fixies

OK, this may be well off the mark but I’m only going from my own observations.

Why do most birds on fixies have massive ‘tude’? Is it cause they think they’re the super cool full indie chicks that are fucking cooler than you? I’m so indie I ride a track bike on the street. Whoa yeh.

As I said, it’s only from my experience and it’s a huge generalisation. Also, I’m not talking about girls that we regularly see out on the road cause there are some top chicks out there, just the NJS walker type 3rd Class drinking ones.

haha this topic is insane george! :lol:

I would argue that all fixie riders have massive 'tude.

I have to agree, there are some really lovely people out there, then there are cunts.
maybe you are only noticing with chicks because there are less of them.
i think its 50/50 either way

Ha ha, we haven’t had a heated discussion for a while.

I think the guys in the Melburn scene in the last 6 months have changed a bit and everyone is a hell of a lot more friendly than they used to be.

I’m only talking about the real cool super uber wicked just got into riding hipster type ones that look straight past you. You very rarely get a wave or a nod from a bird on fixed gear if you don’t know them, that’s not the same with the blokes.

Just sayin .

My girl rides fixed and isn’t a bitch to most people, only jerks in cars…

But related to the Charge bike thread, I saw a few girl riders in London and they were friendly enough, and they could easily out ride me.

Cause they are all cunts riding on my wave, man. Just give them a few weeks and they’ll be a) bored of it or b) dead.


and they’ll be a) bored of it or b) dead.



i’d love to know about these broads on bikes.

i live in hipster ground zero (fitzgear/fixroy) and i’m still yet to see one…

still nothing but shoeless feral chicks on beat up crusiers and fat indie rock girls riding 10 speeds with a basket on the front.

if we were, for example, all locked up in some giant post-apocalyptic thunderdome, no-one would last a week.

There’s the problem!

racism isn’t tolerated on this forum in whatever form but sexism seems to be welcome…hm

Harsh but quite often true… :evil:

Um, how is this sexism?

I was just pointing out what has happened from my experience.

I’m not sayin girls shouldn’t ride bikes because they are girls or something like that. I just wouldn’t mind my waves or hellos returned sometimes.


You saw it here first.

And SERIOUSLY! Chill the fuck out about the racisim thing!

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Ha ha, I knew this would blow up like the transformer at BSC.


Where’s Tina when you need him…


That a cool grease gun shes holding

“we don’t need a-nother Hillman…”

Still waiting for the backstory

george: Oh hai thar I notice you’re riding fixed, I ride fixed too…

chyxx0r: Uh-huhh… (keeps pedalling)

george: wut I do?

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