China Full Carbon Frame Opinions?

So I’m looking of building up a carbon road bike and I’m wondering what you road riders know have heard about these carbon frame sets on ebay.

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

Clearly I’m on a budget. Is it really worth the saving? Am I going to get quality or is it Visp Vs Leader sorta thing? Should I just wait for for the occasional bargain that comes along like this?? eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

Fuck stay away from the chinarello Frame sets… Chinarello+ fork fail =

Wait for a bargain… Some tri guy will on sell some thing only 6 months old for next to nothing

Best course of action

I would jump on that Giant if it doesn’t go ballastic at the end.

That giant is damn good buying,
If you brake it down your getting the frame for less than the chinarello frame.

Shit… who’s frame was that?

some ones mate from WW, the steerer was packed full of chinese new paper… pretty nasty stuff

I know guys who have ridden (hard) their chinarello’s for over a year with no problem.
One thing of note is that they feel different to more expensive ‘legit’ carbon frames. A friend of mine has a chinarello with sram red, and it looks like a proper dogma. Only the very astute could tell the difference - stickers and all. He rode my felt which has a 3k weave carbon, (sram red and the same tyres) a few weeks back, and remarked at how smooth it felt, and after riding his chinarello I am inclined to agree. Although there are a lot of other variables in the mix, a lot of the times the cost of dearer carbon is down to the molding/construction method, but moreso the layering and type of carbon weave used.
Up to a point, for people like us it’s not going to matter but if you’re riding a grand tour, it would.
This probably didn’t help you much, but if you were wondering what the extra money bought you then maybe it has. Often times a year or two old roadie is going to be a better buy, but inspect it closely.

Is paper mache/carbon the new kevlar?

spend less money on camelbak bottles more on frames.

Wow snapped steerer tube kinda made my mind up for me. Cheers boys

Aren’t all Carbon road frames made in China?

They probably are. But legit made ones, as opposed to the cleaners firing up the presses at night to make a few on the side.

Just because most come from China, it doesn’t mean the no-name ones have the same quality control as the legit ones from the guys that supply them to Giant etc. They could be made on a machine in some guys garage.

Parlee isn’t

Pretty bad.

I would say steer clear of any frame that doesn’t have a brand, or isn’t supported by a reputable company you can actually contact. Why risk it?

I note On-One sell a no-name carbon CX frame, and other carbon road frames but at least if something goes wrong you have a reputable company you can contact.

i guess i shoudl be buying a few lottery tickets, same with a few of my mates who have been riding, racing and abusing these no name frames for over a year now… :slight_smile:

there is absolutely nothing wrong with the unbranded frames, if they were all made with newspaper the internet would be overflowing with photos and reviews but to date i have seen one photo from about 8 years ago of a ‘newspaper fork’ that was posted by a major manufacturer, and one broken steerer which was posted by a guy who used sandpaper on the lower part of the steerer so he could install the crown race by hand…

anyway im off to the newsagent because my days are numbered!

and re having a large reputable company to back up their products… that is about as useful as a road id bracelet on your arm when they find you under a b-double

look how well that whole ‘reputable company backing up their products’ worked out for those people who got mashed up after their r-sys wheels failed. they received a very reputable and lawyer penned email of denial for their extra 3000% :slight_smile:

insure yourself
ride whatever you want


i crash everything i ride n i’d rather bin cheap crap

They got a replacement pair AND an interm set of Mavic Aksium’s! How good are they??

they could have bought some ‘china carbons’ that would still be going today for 30% of the price

and minus medical expenses (for some reason people think when a ‘reputable’ manufacturer’s product fails, they will be all good when it comes to medical expenses)

edit :

here is a thread by some guy who went to the ‘non reputable’ factory in china where i got my ‘fake’ frames from. compare to pics from inside the look and time production facilities…

This is extremely passionate.