Chinese Carbon CXer

I’m wondering if this frame is modeled after a brand name manufacturers carbon CX frame. This company, Dengfu, is well known for building carbon wheels for others. On their site they have 30mm, 50mm, and 88mm carbon clinchers and tubulars as well. If someone wants to gamble on a $400 frame one of these might be worth a shot. For what it’s worth, the guys who have been riding Chinese carbon mountain bikes and road bikes seem quite happy with them.


very likely…

andy blair (mtb world cup racer) who came down for the last 2 DDCXs was riding something similar at the last race. he described it as a ‘chinese special’ but said it rode alright.

Yeah Andy got his from them and loves it. He has even chosen it to ride over his more expensive road bike on a few occasions.
I’m hoping to come down to the last DDCX with Andy as well, would be good to meet a few of you guys.

I went close to buying one a couple of months ago. All reports heard were positive. Expect to pay more than $400 for a frameset though.

400-425 for the frame, and 60-85 for postage.

I’ve been wanting one of their other beasts for a long while.
Imagine that with rizors and aerospokes? Haha, GENIUS

I am really keen to try their wheels. In fact, my first foray into Tubs might be their 50mm or 34mm for CX. If I break them, oh well…


Any idea what hubs they use?

Anyone got a price list or do you just have to contact them?


There is contact details on the site…

Or get some like wheels on e-blag.

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has anyone waded through alibaba??? there may be minimum orders and that, but if you get serious and talk it up in the name of samples, might be able to sort out some goodies…

88mm carbon clinchers

china special

just noticed this frame minimum order is one

DH Gate sells them too… Wholesale Carbon Wheel Bicycle - Buy China Wholesale Carbon Wheel Bicycle from Chinese Wholesalers |

Do it… the last one is usually the biggest/most fun. mainly because its in our traditional home of the Harrison St Velodrome (finish of the Melburn-roubaix and host to an assortment of good times)…

I am intrigued by these frames, but wonder how they would stand up to week-in/week-out abuse as opposed to just racing.

I am not sure if you have seen how Andy rides… the only word I can explain it is aggressive. Whenever I ride with him he goes out of his way to have fun on the dirt and flick the tail out, jump off dirt hips and drift around corners. He is the perfect product tester!

Another option from China is a Ti frame… I’ve seen some beautiful Chinese Ti CX and Track frames. I think a Ti frame would be great for commuting, and Carbon for racing…


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Got this pic of the frame… Love it! Will be medium pimpin’ with some 34mm or 50mm carbon tubs on it… Looking good is half the battle.

From Deng Fu?

I would jump all over that. I was quoted close to 700 a couple of months ago, plus a hundred or so for paint.

Looks good to me… any carbon CX frames with disc tabs?

Bump… Spoke the folks at Xiamen, they advised that their 50mm would be ideal for CX racing (clincher or tubular) and lighter riders could get away with the 38mm or 20mm. I’ve asked them if they would do a “Maxx” version of the 38mm, something with 24f/24r, or 24f/32r, I’m still waiting for a response on that one. Apparently these wheels have been used by people on MTBR and the WW forums, all report very positive experiences. So if anyone is looking for cheap carbon wheels to flog these might be worth a shot.

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