chris hoy does a skid.

well, it’s some unknown guy - jason kenny, perhaps - riding against chris hoy. still rad!

Velodrome Skid Competition - YouTube

i could watch old youtube clips of track racing all fucking day, i reckon.

I don’t ride track so I wouldn’t know, but would you get in trouble for doin that?

probably worth it for brendan’s adoration…

they don’t love it down at DISC on the infield, i know that much

+1. I fucking love watching Ryan “Zinger Burger” Bailey beat Theo Boss with that wheelie.

bayley (his spelling, not mine…) was a fucking crackup. if anyone can find the news clip where he talks about how much he “just doesn’t like” perko (who married bayley’s sister), please post it here. oh, and if you get the chance, ask alf about him sometime.

user mercury: probably not. you’re not allowed to go backwards, but this guy didn’t do that. i can’t think of any other reasons why the commissaires would be interested. but you wouldn’t want to do it too often - skidding on what was probably a gear ratio in the mid 90s takes a lot of strength. plus the tyres they’re running would’ve been super thin, and skidding ain’t kind to tyres.

ryan bayley pops it up:

Olympic games 2004- Bayley vs Bos 1

gregory bauge does a skid (been posted before…):

Gregory Bauge makes an amazing recovery vs Kevin Sireau UCI WC 2009 sprint semifinal - YouTube

drugs do skidding good…

hey, in this clip, does anyone else think their bikes look eerily similar?

Yeah didn’t the dutch steal the BT designs?

careful steve… you’ll get sued.

another of my faves:


Cycling mystery - Saturday Extra - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The World Today - Sounds of Summer: Intrigue and heartbreak in cycling 10/01/2011

…on a visit to Australia, an athlete with links to Koga-Miyata was shown a BT prototype and she decided it was a winner. So, BT simply sold Australia’s secret weapon to the Dutch.

Here’s an example of the fax exchanges from Melbourne to Holland at the time.

EXTRACT FROM FAX (Voiceover): Dear Mr Kuipers, I can offer you promotional discount on 11 framesets, if the framesets can carry BT logo with Koga-Miyata that would be appreciated. Frame and Fork A$5,400; BT Pro 1 - TT Handlebars, width 40cm, weight approx 980kg, A$1800. Delivery 10-12 weeks from official order. Payment prior to delivery…

Love those old keirin races. So much argy-bargy.

I remember watching a youtube vid of an american keirin which featured Stephen Pate, if I remember rightly, where the winner was decked after the race with a cheeky hand by a passing rider. Can’t remember if Pate was at fault or if he got decked.

Super malicious act. Good watching though!

Was that the one at Trexlertown where the rider whacked the winner’s bars and caused him to crash? Actually perhaps they were juniors, and the slapper was one of Nothstein’s riders. Memory is fuzzy.

you mean this one?


you know what i can’t find? footage of the 2000 sydney olympic madison. i really wanna see that, and i’m sure someone has a tape somewhere.

Great story… AOC can’t account for c.$250,000? Fucking joke.

It’s impossible to get to the bottom of what happened because the Australian Sports Commission refuses to release its documentation. But here’s what we do know.

An Australian bike, built under the auspices of the Australian Government and with an injection of public money, was used by Dutch athletes to compete against Australia at the Olympics.

A Dutch bicycle giant bought at least 30 bikes from a small Melbourne tool manufacturer and passed them off as its own. In so doing, it broke Olympic regulations and, technically, Dutch athletes rode illegal bikes at the 2000 and 2004 games.

The Australian Sports Commission and Cycling Australia appear to have turned their back on a sponsorship contract which gave them the moral, if not the legal responsibility, to safeguard a designer’s intellectual property.

The Australian Olympic Committee appears to have lost track of how $425,000 of its grant money was spent. And on paper, the design of a revolutionary track bicycle - called the Elliott Flyer - has disappeared into thin air.

Match sprinters are such beasts. It is the best kind of riding. You vs. another dude, don’t have to watch out for anyone else. So good.
Thanks for those links, now I have somewhere to start from when I want to spend a few hours.

Here it is, total dickhole move. Click through for the backstory.


I rode there. Not at speed, there was a swap meet on and I was just rolling round to try out a bike. It’s like Tempe but smoother and with Amish and Menonite peep’s in the surrounding area. Very pretty.

Peter Bundy did lots of laps there against some if the crew in the above video + he was also coaching too.

click through what for backstory? never seen that b4 would like to know more