chris king hubs

i’ve happened across a wheel build up with chris king hubs that would be perfect for something i’m putting together.

the price is pretty good. any one have an opinion - either personal or acquired - on these?

Yes, I have an opinion. They are rad and if the price is right, buy them.

The Cris King freewheel engages faster than any other freewheel out there. They are well designed and light, but not stupid-light and will last forever as a result.

The alloy hub shell does seem to get gouged by some cassettes, but you can buy a SS version that solves this problem but is heavier.

I have a set of classic hubs on my roadie and love them.

Oh yeah - they sound cool too.

Yep what he said - I’ve had a set of classic road for about 5 years and they’ve had a lot of use, no signs of any wear, anywhere.

+1 about the alu freehub shell, I have the stainless steel one on mine. They’re dead easy to service too but get yourself hold of a bottle of CK’s special grease for the helical ring drive (it’s much thinner than your usual grease - try aspirevelotech for all CK bits)

about that drive - engagement feels pretty much instant, I really notice it compared to other hubs, especially coming out of corners in crits and I’ve grown to love the sound of the ‘angry bee’

i believe user tristan has them on his ss mountainbike.

and i also believe they are the business. get on it!

Dooooo it.

thanks all

they are sick, had a set on my mtb for a couple of years

the sound is very much a love/hate thing

if they are a good price - BUY. you wont regret it at all

Never used them but they have an amazing reputation.

My understanding is the CK freehub (and DT Swiss) mechanism uses a ring of teeth rather than a regular pawl system. For instance, a Shimano hub usually only has a couple of pawls making engagement slower. Additionally there is greater stress on a small number of pawls. Ive heard stories of Shimano pawls breaking (never happened to me though)

The downside of course is that a ring drive hub can be louder compared to a regular pawl system, and it has a very characteristic whirring sound. Also CK hubs arent especially light, but they are made to last.

I want a set too! :smiley:

when you pull the hub apart, the mechanism looks like a car differential :slight_smile:

‘it rolls good with angry bee sound’

they’re on their way to me now. i’m not a ninja, so i’m not too concerned if people hear me coming from 2 suburbs away.

I’m going to pack earplugs and an avalanche survival kit now.

Unfortunately - the new lube that King specifies actually silences their hubs… When I got mine, I was devestated at their quiet civility…

I am going with white industries hubs for my new roadie

Excellent choice.