Chris King "ThreadFit" bottom bracket... talk to me about this

Appears to be their new threaded standard. Is more modular than the original.

Is there any reason to get this over the (presumably superseded) existing models? I ask because the old versions are a little cheaper.


Won’t change BB height H.

fuck I get bored with Chris King’s candy coloured schmaltz

Looking at the chart showing what works with what, it looks like the threadfit will work with nothing unless you use an adapter. I’ve never been in the market for one of these types of BBs… is the grease port (i assume thats how it gets in) a new thing? The grease injector looks like a nice tool to have in the shed.

I continue to be excited by colours, candy or otherwise :wink: Candied schmaltz might be something worth trying to make happen if you have vendor space at the next local school fete. Whoa! it does seem to be making some kind of comeback, in NY at least
“Imagine the gentlest of butters infused with the taste of fried chicken, but with a fluffy lightness that melts in the mouth.” Yes please… replace fried chicken with fairy floss and you’re onto a winner

You put cranks on them and they spin

I’m really liking the conversions kits

Needs more small parts, they have a hell of a lot of bases covered but why no campy.

So many opportunities to find where the creak comes from.

So is the a yes to purchase? Im after a shimano ht2 version and there are still lots of the old models for sale. Im trying to understand if there is any difference to the actual bearing design etc.

And yes jp- grease injector tool will be purchased :slight_smile:

Why not a Shimano BB? They’re cheap and work well.

Because not candy, musa, grease injector and ceramic optionzzzz.
Honestly i just want to splash out

So buy a Rolex

and a ferrari.

or maybe just some haigh’s chocolates.

Hi hmc

Ullo mate