christchurch.... dinning/staying

need recomendations from brothers across the way… this will be the last night there. leaving straurday so speak up as i need to book.

somewhere nice to eat…

somewhere nice to stay…

this is my first holiday(7days in a row) in 3 years. Cheers Luke

Smash palace is a good bar in chch, also Darkroom.

Dunno about accom - my folks are there.

Food - Souvlakis in the container mall are great (better than I’ve had in Melb, there said it).
Darkroom does some food from memory.
The Bodhi tree is a bit of of town (by Chch standards) but really good burmese food

dark room looks like a start…cheers big ears

keep em comin’

I had a awesome feed at Winnie Bagoes Best Gourmet Pizza Restaurant and Bar, Dine In, Takeaway Christchurch New Zealand
But sadly it has changed a lot from the good times i had there.
I stayed at Hotel So, It was cheap and tiny and fun.
We just needed a quick cheap room as we left a place in methven as it was so shite.

so looks ok, but booked out… more