Christmas Cat
“Bridges of Brisbane County”
6:30pm rego for 7pm start.
Bring: pen, bell, lights and helmet
Cost: $5

Start and finish party at Chez Dr and Mrs Antmandan.
2/16 Leonard St Woolloongabba
(Bring some vinyl records for the party)

  • 6 bridges - Eleanor Schonell/Green, William Jolly, Kurilpa, Victoria, Goodwill and Story
  • You must visit at least 4 of these bridges
  • The green, kurilpa, Goodwill and story bridge will have a symbol you need to copy down. (bring pen and paper) A different kind of checkpoint will operate on Victoria and William jolly so you can keep rolling. (Details of which will be provided on the day)
  • You’ll have 15 minutes before official start to do the maths and work out your route.
  • FINAL TWIST: Everyone will have to do a certain bridge which will be drawn out of a hat on the night





Flyer looks great Dave. Make sure you all bring any old/new vinyl you may have (the dodgier the better) to chuck onto the old multisonic after the ride. Mrs Ant and I will put together some food and some homebrew* for anyone who’s keen to go blind on some delicious beer.

  • Including my famous Christmas spiced ale!

This is fucking LEGIT!

you guys called me??

Have some flyers for this ready with more details. If i don’t stuff one in your face - ask me for one!

PLUS I will provide some prizes and I think all the money will go to beer and ice.

sounds fun, maybe I can stick around and ride.

Can you do all 6 bridges for MAX points :evil:


any bridges you don’t do will be counted against you! full deets on the day

Ready to smash this shit.

Question 2.

Indropilly bridge, you forgot to add it in to your list of bridges in brisbane.
Pretty much automatic win to whoever wants to hit that shit up? :wink:

or the jindalee bridge, hit up the mad skatepark on the way

Was considering giving max points to anyone who could hit the hornibrook bridge up past Sandgate.

the giant testicle award will go to anyone to hits the gateway.

I can hit that up on the way to the Indro bridge then to the Alley Cat… Do I win if I take pics to prove it.


I know johnson has offered to do a checkpoint - anyone else keen?
Should only take an hour

Gear, Brisbane Outdoor Gear and Crumpler!

Plus Dan and I are donating a few prizes!
only 5 more sleeps!

Crumpler now on board as well as Gear and BOGear:-D

Get your stop watches out peeps as this one’s going to be close! Maybe we should consider hitting all 6 bridges on Thursday night as a warm up?

weekend for bridges

thats a pretty intense ride. guess its not snowing there this year. this time last year, parts of the city shut down.

that is quite a coincidence. a lovable one cause that race looks sublime. all things workin out I might be in Vancouver on 4 months time. true story.