Christmas roller race??

I have tentatively (just awaiting confirmation) hired out the Prestons rollers for the 15-16 December. I was just going to hire them for an end of year do im having at my joint for a group of guys i ride with but was thinking if i have them for the whole weekend it might be worth holding something on the night or arvo of the 15th (saturday).

So if i have the rollers and a van i really only need to find a place to hold it in (or at). Being a relative newby to Melbs and not a huge drinker i dont get out a whole lot (got to get up in the morning to train you see) so im wondering if anyone has any ideas on a pub/bar/location that might be open to having a roller race do at their joint? I have a couple of suggestions at the moment but wanted to open it up and see if anyone else had some ideas or want to help out with it. It would strictly be for a laugh with all money on top of expenses being put back into prizes.

Short lead in time i know but if a location can be sourced relatively quickly it would be a good pre christmas gig.



Sounds like a bloody great plan.
Will put the thinking cap on.

Its the Metro Champs at DISC that weekend.
Sprint/Kilo on the Saturday
Pursuit/Scratch on the Sunday

Try and do it close by!!!

Have spoken to andy about it and a great idea he had was to consider having it outdoors. Obviously weahter dependent but worth considering.

Agree tying it in with the Metro Champs is something to consider.

isnt there a nice indoor bowling green at DISC somewhere :wink: