Chrome Frame - Help Please :)

Hi there,

I’m a firstie to this fixie forum. Go easy please!

I’m really intent on getting myself a chrome frame. And uhhh, maybe not a Bianchi Pista. Kinda low on dosh at the moment. Does anyone know of any cheap chrome frames? There’s a beautiful Motobecane one here:

NIB Motobecane Jury Cro Moly SS Track Frame Set CHROME - eBay (item 380176164113 end time Sep-05-10 08:42:21 PDT)

Problem is, it only ships to the states. Still kinda pricey (want to spend 500-600 max on my fixie, it’s a budget one).

I’ve also heard stuff about powdercoating which resembles chrome, but isn’t. Apparently it gets 95% of the shine. Has anyone done this? How did it turn out, and how much was it? Know any good places in Melbourne?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys :cool:

In my experience, people are typically happy to ship to Australia if you ask nicely.

just buy a bianchi pista. there ain’t nothing wrong with them.

wait, you want to spend 500-600 on the frame, or the whole bike?

(also what ever happened to the word filter? sick to fucking death of the word ‘fixie’)

If you’re a taller person, I’ve got a chrome road frame/fork you can have for $35 in Melbourne. From memory it’s about 59 st / 57 tt (both measurements c to c) but I will confirm the size if you are interested. It’s in pretty good nick. It’s nothing special, hence the $35 price tag, but it works.

And yeah, it’s not fixie… It’s fixxxaaayy

or you could get any cheap shitty herd rubbish road frame you find electroplated? costs shit all and if you’re on a budget its an option.

chrome fucking sucks anyway, why you’d want a chrome frame is beyond me

or strip the frame of its paint, sand back then use a few coats of clearcoat to prevent rust. its not chrome, but the bare steel finish is much nicer than chrome IMO.


Every bmx I’ve ever owned (after the age of 7) has been chrome, and this’ll be the rule till I stop acquiring them.

Oh and if you’re not interested, I am :slight_smile:

chrome fucking sucks anyway, why you’d want a chrome frame is beyond me

Chrome is classy, elegant and timeless. Chrome goes with everything else - but particularly alloy components. Chrome implies high quality — because Italian frame builders used to chrome their high quality frames and then paint over the top of them. Chrome has a industrial/technical visual feel that subtly emphasises a bike’s aesthetic quality as a mechanism and as a tool of purpose. Chrome is also very ‘present’. Paradoxically, chrome is also very light visually. Most of all, chrome is shiny. If you have a lugged steel frame, then why wouldn’t you want it in chrome?

okay, sorry to cause a fuss about the word ‘fixie’. i’m new to the forum, from now on i’ll use the words ‘bike’ and ‘fixayyy’.

i only want to spend 500-600 on the whole bike, meaning the frame has to be pretty cheap. so by my cash-strapped terms, the quotes i’ve gotten for shipping a frame overseas is a heap. electroplating is also expensive, and is notoriously hard to do well. i could go a pista, but again, not enough dosh. and even though i do enjoy the bare frame look, very clean, i’d like to start off with a nice, shiny chrome frame. maybe next time.

i think i might go with that $35 dollar frame :slight_smile:

is the Cell Solo full chrome underneath or just the stays/fork?

buy this then
Bianchi Pista Single Speed cool as bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Melbourne

you may have noticed OP is after a chrome frame, that is not a chrome pista

i can copy and paste too…

and chrome frames still suck. why is chrome only ever used as a trim on cars? because it looks tacky as shit when there’s too much of it.
chrome parts, fine. chrome frames? they can eat my dick

^ I was actually thinking about chroming one of my road frames. Either it would look awesome, or really really shit. I’m not sure which.
I remember Fyxo has some Shifterbikes build snaps of a Pinarello columbus road frame that was fully chromed as a cheap and easy restoration. I reckon it looked rad.

Yes of course, but he said maybe next time. So that is why I posted that link. He sacrifices a chrome frame (which he wanted), but gets a pista (which he mentions), all for the budget he has.

EDIT: Respnse to Jams post.

i can copy and paste too…

Well aren’t you a clever boy then!

My last post was all my own work. Your assumption that I’ve been plagiarising must mean that you think my last post was well written (for which I thank you) and that I’m incapable of writing so well. I’m happy to prove you wrong.

why is chrome only ever used as a trim on cars? because it looks tacky as shit when there’s too much of it.

I’m sure car designers don’t try to make cars look tacky.
I agree that old ‘plastic chrome’ trim is tacky — but that’s because it’s a poor imitation of the real thing

chrome parts, fine. chrome frames? they can eat my dick

Do you have dreams that chrome plated bicycle components are trying to devour your private parts? Oh dear!