Chrome frame - online manufacturers

Similar to the Eightinch frame available online, do you guys know of any manufacturers producing an all chrome frame?

Keen to build up an all chrome frame as my next project.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

PS I posted this earlier this morning, but it seems to have been deleted??

I think i saw your post in the For sale section. :smiley:

Ahh that makes sense.

An option I’m considering is purchasing an Eightinch frame and then paying a local chrome plater to do the job.

Anyone had any experience with chrome platers in Melb?

Also approx cost?

For the price of the eightinch + chroming $$$$. You are better of just getting a bianchi pista and pulling the decals off.

Prahan Platers - they did a good job on my Pogliaghi forks.

They said its possible to do a whole frame but tricky to get an excellent result because the angles/joints etc make hard work for polishing in between.

Abbotsford Cycles chromed a frame for a fixie build they did a few months back - you could ask Max who is on the forum and works there about it - he probably did the build.


Thought it might be expensive - probably only worth considering if I already had the frame.

The Pista idea could be a good one.

Hopefully Max responds to this thread.

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